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Word Wall: Vocabulary

Number Line Labeled: Thousandths (Smallest)
Number Line Labeled: Hundredths
Number Line Labeled: Tenths (Greatest)

Our classes amazing work! Celebrations and proficient examples!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

*Attendance is based off of your completed work, so make sure you complete all of your work (:
​Make sure you complete each task in order.

1.) Do Now 

2.) Lesson Work:
Watch the video, then click the link to go to google classroom to find your assignments for today.

New class code: dzau2y5
Helpful Resources:

4.) Today's Math Game! Make sure to play for AT LEAST 10-15 minutes.

Choose one (or both!) of the links to play some math games and explore some math skills. 

Bonus Work: If you want more to do, go to one of these sites for extra practice!

Moby Max

School: Gust Elementary 
Username: Lunch Number
Password: Birthday

Reflex Math

Username: Norberg111


To login, click the link and sign in with ​google.


Class code: norbe9
Class name: Norberg 111 AM

Then type in your first and last name

Login: dpsgust
Password: dpsbrainpop

Explore these science videos!

Science Videos: Click the links below to explore
Natural Resources
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Forms of Energy
Water Cycle
States of Matter
Compounds and Mixtures

Muscular System Games:

Skeletal System Games:

Math Facts

Math Games

Science Games and videos